Air Transport

Transport your shipments with us over
the whole world or between
the continents in the fastest way possible.🛩️

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As a part of air transport we offer

Door / Door transport all over the globe

  • Fastest possible delivery to destinations over the whole world
  • We will pick-up your consignment at your place, prepare it for transportation according to the rules and deliver to the door of the consignee
  • We will recommend the optimal route with the best price/performance ratio based on our know-how
  • We will steadily track the shipment and in case of any non-standard situations we will as well contact you as soon as possible

Consolidation and preparation of shipments

  • We will carefully check your consignments after the pick-up and in case of need we will pack them as well
  • We will get all the necessary documentation ready for a hassle free transport
  • We will take care of all import / export operations on the airport of origin, including possible assistance with x-ray control and other acts

Complex customs clearance

  • We will populate, check and submit all documents tied with customs clearance process
  • We will take care of all communication with customs office to ensure the cargo will be cleared as fast as possible
    You can find more detailed information about our customs clearance service here

Shipment insurance

  • We will consult with you all the options of additional insurance
  • We will prepare tailored insurance option for your shipment – with a reasonable price and right coverage – and perform all the needed steps so your cargo is safe

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