Warehouse logistics

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Your can send your inquiry and questions directly to obchod@jkdsped.cz, submit the inquiry form or call below mentioned sales representatives.

As a part of warehouse logistics we offer


  • We offer block and pallet warehousing
  • We will reserve a permanent spot for your goods or we’ll flexibly allocate the space based on actual need
  • Tempered, dry warehouses with 24/7 surveillance
  • Suitable for food products

Completing of shipments

  • We will consolidate or sort your shipments according to the need
  • We will group each type, create packages or set from various items
  • We will pack them with our own or with provided packaging materials and get them ready to be sent

Labeling, Fee stamping, Repack activities

  • We will apply the informational, safety and product labels etc. including unpacking, labeling and packing it all again
  • We will insert manual, leaflets, brochures into the packages
  • We will apply fee stamps on the required items
  • We will take care of all the repack activities
  • We are as well working with packaging materials that are given to us, e.g. tapes with customer’s logo or we can manage creation of such materials

Warehouse stock record keeping and reporting

  • We will take care of inventory records in our warehouses
  • You can easily control the actual status of the inventory yourself
  • We will prepare and execute inventory of goods
  • We will send you automatically information and reports on request based on set criteria

Distribution of consignments

  • We will prepare the goods and consignments for distribution along with required documentation
  • As the next step we will deliver them to their final destinations
  • Within Czechia and Slovakia the delivery happens in up to 24-48 hours from the time the cargo has been loaded
  • We are distributing the packages within Europe as well as behind the union’s borders

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