Road Transport

Let us transport your shipments
by road in Czechia, Europe
or anywhere else. đźšš

Your can send your inquiry and questions directly to, submit the inquiry form or call below mentioned sales representatives.

As a part of road transport we offer

Fast delivery of shipment inside CZ / SK and internationally

  • Delivery of shipments inside of Europe and other countries in the shortest period of time
  • 24 hour delivery inside of Czech Republic with pick-up in CZ
  • 24 hour delivery inside of Slovak Republic with pick-up in CZ
  • Vans, 18 pallet trucks and regular trucks with semi-trailers

Transportation of several parcels or whole trucks

  • We will transport your Less than Truck Load or Full Truck Load shipments carefully and safely from point A to B
  • Based on your preference to ship 1 or 100 parcels at the same time, we will always prepare a tailored quote for you
  • Over the whole Czechia, Europe or beyond it’s borders

Special transport

  • Oversized cargo transport
    For all the goods that basically don’t fit into standard transportation units. We can get ahold of all necessary equipment and personnel for safe loading and unloading, e.g. with a crane which arrives at a specific destination
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)
    We will take care of pick-up and transport of such goods with extreme caution and all related consultancy (e.g. regarding necessary documentation and required permits)
  • Transportation of loose and liquid commodities
    Dump trucks, Trucks with Silo/Tank trailers

Cargo insurance

  • All cargo which is transported by/via us is insured according to CMR agreement.
  • In case of need we offer additional insurance where we pay attention to the right amount of coverage with reasonable price

Monitoring of consignments

  • All of our transport partners are within their fleets equipped with GPS trackers and all drivers with company phones.
  • Getting the actual status of a shipment is then just a matter of a few minutes.

Why are our services so good?